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General Ambulatory services include:

Preventive Health Services

We can help you develop and maintain a wellness program tailored for your farm; including vaccine and parasite control protocols, nutritional consultations, Coggins testing and other laboratory services.

Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital

Reproductive Services

On-site management of mares & stallions, ranging from AI, tracking/manipulating cycles, collection, pregnancy ultrasounds, foaling and neonatal services. We also frequently collaborate with/complement services provided by the Equine Reproduction Center.

Emergency Services

All too often, horses require emergency care.  The most frequent emergency our ambulatory clinicians are called to is colic, or abdominal pain.  We also manage many traumatic injuries including lacerations and wounds, dystocias (difficult foaling), acute laminitis, and other sudden illnesses in adults and foals. In the event that additional care is needed, we can arrange referral to our Internal Medicine or Surgery departments.



Adam Cayot & Eric Evans provide quality dental exams and services. Power floats and hand tools are used to maintain proper dentition in your horse’s mouth.

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