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The Peterson & Smith on-site diagnostic laboratory originated in 1986 and provides a wide variety of tests with strict quality control and a short turnaround time. The Lab Director, Lynn Keach, is FL licensed and a member of the Veterinary Microbiology Association for Clinical Laboratories.

Services include:

The complete blood count is the most commonly performed basic hematology technique. This test provides information on red and white blood cell counts, platelet estimate, total protein, and blood smear evaluation.


A serum chemistry test seeks to find the level of specific enzymes and electrolytes that are produced in the body; these measurements aid a veterinarian in diagnosing and treating a horse.


Cytology involves the microscopic examination and evaluation of individual cells. This type of analysis assists a veterinarian in diagnosing and treating a variety of problems. A few examples of cytologies evaluated include trans-tracheal washes, uterine cytologies, abdominal taps, and joint taps.


Serological testing is an important tool for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. In veterinary medicine, serology tests are often required by regulatory agencies to prove an animal is not a carrier of a particular infectious disease.

Blood Gas

A blood gas test measures the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, as well as pH and acidity levels. This test is used on horses in surgery and horses who are being critically monitored.


Internal and external parasites are responsible for many equine illnesses. Fecal floats and skin scrapings are used for identification, allowing the veterinarian to treat their patient effectively.


Our clinical microbiology services rapidly and accurately provide veterinarians with information concerning the presence or absence of bacteria, with sensitivity results allowing for appropriate & effective treatment for individual patients.

Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) Testing (Coggins)

Mid Florida Veterinary Laboratory was founded in May 1995. Mid Florida was the first private lab in the state of FL to be certified for EIA testing, which then enabled other laboratories to apply for EIA certification. In addition to supporting veterinarians, the Mid Florida lab provides services to many outside veterinarians.

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