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Michelle Mautone

It’s pretty easy to get the baby bug as a Peterson and Smith Equine Hospital employee. Breeding season after breeding season, foals come in and it’s hard not to want one of your own. Michelle Mautone may have it harder…


John Berkeley

Hard work, sweat and dedication – most know that these three habits produce positive results. Many would assume anyone putting that much energy into something would be doing it to get recognition or building a career. That’s not the case…


S.E. Montgomery

S.E. Montgomery has been around horses for his entire life. Growing up in Tennessee, his father always had working horses. When Montgomery was 20, his trucking business brought him to Live Oak, Florida. Montgomery first entered the world of cutting…


Journeyman Stud

Discipline: Thoroughbred Racing Crystal and Brent Fernung, the couple behind the Ocala based thoroughbred operation, Journeyman Stud, have been together for a long time. To be specific, they were high school sweethearts in Sharpsville, Indiana- and each of them has…

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