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The Equine Reproduction Center at Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital has been apart of Select Breeders Services (SBS) affiliate program for many years now. This program has been mutually beneficial for everyone involved when it comes to semen freezing. We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you information about SBS and the affiliate program, and why we chose to become a part of it.


What is SBS?

Select Breeders Services (SBS) works with our Equine Reproduction Center to assist with semen freezing and other related reproductive services. SBS is the largest provider of frozen semen services in the world. Their database includes over 3,500 stallions and more than 3,000 ejaculates are processed for freezing annually by the affiliate lab network. They have been leading the frozen semen  industry for the past 25 years.


SBS prides themselves on providing frozen semen that is safe, simple and sure. ”Safe” because stallions frozen by SBS undergo certain minimum health testing to insure that distributed semen does not act as a vector for the spread of infectious diseases. SBS even performs a bacterial culture on every ejaculate frozen. Plus, they have the largest and most professionally managed storage and distribution program in the world. SBS is “Simple” because their storage and distribution program makes it very convenient and easy for all parties involved.  Their two dose timed insemination protocol for breeding mares with frozen semen simplifies mare management. SBS is “Sure” because their unique quality control program ensures each breeding dose contains the right amount of viable sperm to achieve the best chance of conception. With SBS you have the best chance for success.


Affiliate Laboratory Program

SBS is comprised of veterinarians and reproductive physiologists who share a commitment to provide the highest level of customer service, quality control and leading edge technology for their customers. The affiliate laboratory program was established in 2000, with a global reach expanding from the United States, to Europe and Australasia. This program brings SBS semen freezing and related reproductive services to breeders worldwide.


There are currently 17 equine reproduction laboratories participating in this program. 10 of those labs are located right here in the US. The reason the affiliate program works so well is because of the combined knowledge and experience of its members, the proprietary freezing protocols and extender formulations and above all, because of SBS’s pioneering quality control program.


Choosing to Join the Affiliate Laboratory Program

Prior to deciding to become an SBS affiliate, Peterson and Smith was a large, sophisticated, successful equine veterinary practice that prided itself in the wide range of services provided to our clients. A decision was made to offer semen freezing to our wide range of reproductive services. After fighting the out dated technology of the antiquated vapor freezing method, it became clear that two important strategic moves were necessary to provide this service in a manner that we could be proud of and our clients have come to expect.


SBS was able to provide us with the ability to take this large step forward. Initially there was an education process that was invaluable. Teaching us the advantages of cell freezer technology and different freezing rates was only the first step. The training that ensued was first rate and created a knowledge base that brought us immediately up to speed. As well, we were introduced to more sophisticated extenders and the advantage of the extreme quality control with which these extenders are created. Not least of the many advantages is the support that we thought we would receive and have received. SBS is very in tune to quality control in all aspects and the steps taken in this respect help ensure that all affiliates are of the same high standard.


Initially, we perceived that being part of the affiliate network would help expand our exposure to more stallion clients wishing to freeze semen. It did exactly that. The network also created mare clients for breeding services that frankly we did not anticipate. The international network has made it easier for us to promote stallions internationally and ship semen around the world.


The choice to become an SBS affiliate was made to improve our skills and knowledge in semen freezing. In addition, the network and the ongoing support allows the learning to continue and ensures us that we can continue to provide these services with the degree of excellence that we at Peterson and Smith insist upon.


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