• Biologic Therapies-PRP, IRAP, Pro-Stride, A2M

    Biological Therapies- PRP, IRAP, Pro-Stride, A2M written by: Dr. Sharnai Thompson 2021-2022 PSEH Ambulatory Intern   What are blood-derived regenerative/adjunctive/biologic therapies? These terms are often used interchangeably (whether appropriate or not) to generally describe using a component of the body… READ MORE
  • Equine Fungal Ulcers

    Equine Fungal Ulcers written by: Dr. Kaylyn Andrews 2020-2021 PSEH Hospital Intern What are fungi, and how do they affect me? Fungi are normal microorganisms that live in a horse’s everyday environment, including in hay, grasses, shavings, straw, and dust.… READ MORE