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Sports Medicine Department

th bonescaniiThe Sports Medicine Center consists of a 12-stall barn, and is equipped with a state-of-the-art nuclear scintigraphy unit (bone scanner) and over-ground endoscopy.

The Center's goal is to provide the latest in diagnostics relating to lame performance horses. Examination during training can be combined with a number of other procedures to help identify and confirm diagnoses that may lead to improving performance in any given athlete. Problems encountered include upper airway abnormalities, lower airway disease, cardiac abnormalities, subtle lameness, and muscle abnormalities.

The nuclear imaging section is designed to allow in-depth evaluation of lameness problems that have not been identified by other traditional methods. This sensitive tool uses the horse's bone metabolism to effectively identify the location(s) of concern that may cause lameness. This tool is useful at identifying sources of lameness such as pelvic fractures, elbow and shoulder inflammation and upper limb stress fractures that may not be visible on radiographs. In certain situations this imaging tool may also be used to identify sources of inflammation in difficult medical cases.

Click photo for a larger viewThe Sports Medicine Center offers high tech diagnostics for all breeds of performance horses. Diagnostic evaluations are tailored to the individual horse's area of concern and performance needs for their sport.

The Center also offers the following services:

Lameness Evaluations

lameness evaluation

Lameness is the most common reason for poor performance in athletic horses. Most lameness problems can be diagnosed with a complete lameness examination combined with diagnostic nerve and or joint blocks.

Pre-Purchase Exam

th jogginglameness

The Sports Medicine Center offers complete prepurchase evaluation of all breeds of horses. Additionally – a pre-purchase exam can be tailored according to the buyers needs. Pre-purchase exams can include a physical exam, soundness exam, radiology, endoscopy, ultrasonogoraphy, drug screening, etc. All pre-purchases exams are reported in writing.


th pickerxrayii

The Sports Medicine Center offers full radiographic service, including, distal limb and navicular series.

Video Endoscopy

The Sports Medicine Center has full video-endoscopy capabilities. Upper respiratory tract video-endoscopy is used to diagnose disorders of the larynx and pharynx in the horse.


Ultrasound is useful for the evaluation of the soft tissue structures of the horse. Ultrasound has been used successfully for evaluation of the flexor tendons but can be a useful additional tool to use when evaluating large joints or other soft tissue structures. The Sports Medicine Center offers all types of ultrasound evaluations.


th pharmacy

All departments are supported by the practice pharmacy. The Pharmacy, run by Lisa Fender, Pharmacy Manager, can provide any prescribed medication from stock or by special order. The pharmacy stocks over 95% of the medications used by the practice, and special orders can usually be filled within 24-hours.

The Center is lead by Dr. Tim Lynch, DVM, Board Certified in Surgery and Sports Medicine and Rehabiilitation, who specializes in lameness, scintigraphy, and performance profiling.