Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine department offers advanced diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities for performance horses of any breed or discipline.

The sports medicine department consists of a 12-stall barn, a nuclear scintigraphy room, a large climate-controlled treatment room and an area for lameness exams that allows for evaluation on hard and soft ground, as well as under-saddle assessments. Evaluations are tailored to the individual horse and to specific performance concerns within the horse's sport. Performance-limiting problems encountered include orthopedic and soft tissue injuries, subtle lameness, upper and lower airway disease, muscle abnormalities and cardiac disorders. Collaboration between our Sports Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery and Ambulatory Departments can lead to successful resolution of challenging performance issues.

Sports Medicine Services:

  • Lameness Evaluations

    • A dynamic gait assessment and evaluation of response to palpation and joint flexion is critical to begin to localize the issue to a specific anatomical region. An additional tool called the Equinosis Lameness Locator® can assist in localizing, quantifying, and recording lameness. The advantage of this inertial sensor system is the objectivity obtained from the measured data of the horse’s movements, and it also allows for sequential examinations to be performed to monitor the athlete’s progression. Following the initial lameness examination, further diagnostics including nerve/joint anesthetic blocks, radiographs, ultrasound and scintigraphy may be recommended to complete the diagnosis.


  • Pre-Purchase Exam

    • The sports medicine department offers a complete pre-purchase evaluation of all horse breeds and disciplines. The examination can be tailored to the purchaser and to the horse. Diagnostics include thorough physical and soundness examinations, radiographs, ultrasound, upper airway endoscopy, ophthalmic evaluation and blood work, including drug screening.



  • Diagnostic Imaging

    • Imaging modalities available in-house include digital radiography, high-quality ultrasound and nuclear scintigraphy. Referral is possible for other advanced imaging such as CT and MRI. The type of imaging recommended will be related to the clinical findings of our veterinarians.

  • Treatment

    • Once a diagnosis has been made, an individualized treatment plan is formulated for each patients. This can include a rest/rehabilitation program, systemic medications, laser or shockwave protocols, surgical intervention or injection of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), IRAP or stem cells.

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