Eight Essential Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Horse Owners

When a hurricane approaches, the safety and well-being of your horse(s) become the top priority. Here are 8 crucial tips to ensure you’re well-prepared to protect your equine companions:

  1. Evacuation Plan: Have a detailed evacuation plan in place, including routes, designated shelters, and transportation arrangements for your horses.
  2. Identification: Ensure each horse has visible and updated identification, such as microchips, ID tags, or neck straps, with your contact information.
  3. Emergency Kit: Create an equine emergency kit with essentials like first aid supplies, medications, water, feed, and essential documents.
  4. Secure Structures: Reinforce barns, stables, and other structures to withstand strong winds. Remove any loose items that could become projectiles.
  5. Safe Zones: Identify safe turnout areas away from trees, power lines, and flood-prone areas. Fencing should be secure and free of hazards.
  6. Records and Photos: Keep copies of important documents, like ownership papers and health records, in waterproof containers. Take photos of each horse for identification purposes.
  7. Communication Plan: Have a communication plan with neighbors, local authorities, and fellow horse owners. Stay informed about weather updates and evacuation orders.
  8. Practice: Familiarize your horses with trailers and transport vehicles in advance. Regularly practice loading and unloading to reduce stress during evacuation.

Remember, your horses’ safety depends on your preparedness. By taking these steps, you’re ensuring their well-being and giving yourself peace of mind in the face of a hurricane.



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