General Ambulatory

General Ambulatory Services Include:

  • Emergency Services

    • In the event of an emergency, Peterson Smith Equine Hospital + Complete Care is available 24/7 for local equine owners. Our ambulatory veterinarians provide services for emergencies such as colic, laceration repairs and acute laminitis within a 20 mile radius of our main clinic on 60th Avenue in Ocala, Florida. In some instances, cases are referred to our internal medicine or surgery departments.

  • Preventive Health Services

    • While Peterson Smith Equine Hospital + Complete Care is widely known for emergency care, we also offer routine care and wellness management for horses of all disciplines. Staffed with 13 ambulatory veterinarians, Peterson Smith can help develop and maintain a program tailored to individual farms and horses. Services range from vaccine and parasite control, to nutritional consultations, to Coggins testing and other laboratory services.

  • Reproductive Services

    • Peterson Smith Equine Hospital + Complete Care offers on-site reproductive management for both mares and stallions including AI, tracking/manipulating cycles, collection, pregnancy ultrasounds, foaling and neonatal services. We also frequently collaborate with the services provided by our Advanced Fertility Center.

  • Dentistry

    • Dentistry is an essential part of equine healthcare. Horses should be examined annually, or more frequently in the case of dental abnormalities. Peterson Smith Equine Hospital + Complete Care Drs. Adam Cayot and Eric Evans provide quality dental exams and services using power floats and hand tools. Infrequent dental exams can cause horses to drop their food and lose weight, as well as experience bad odor, biting problems, head shaking, facial swelling, colic or choke.

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