• Breeding the Problem Mare

    Written by Dr. Jordan Lopez 2021-2022 Peterson Smith Equine Hospital + Complete Care Ambulatory Intern What is a problem mare? A “problem mare” refers to a mare that: Fails to conceive a pregnancy after multiple breedings Cannot carry a pregnancy… READ MORE
  • Cantharidin Toxicity

    Written by Dr. Kaitlyn Coleman 2021-2022 Peterson Smith Equine Hospital + Complete Care Hospital Intern Where is cantharidin found? Cantharidin is a toxic substance found in the Epicauta genus of beetles, which are frequently associated with toxicosis in horses. These… READ MORE
  • Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage

    Written by Dr. Jessica Reynolds 2021-2022 Peterson Smith Equine Hospital + Complete Care Ambulatory Intern What is EIPH? Exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage is a condition that causes blood in the airways and occurs after intense exercise. Typically, it is known… READ MORE
  • Lameness

    Lameness Written by Dr. Chris Stokes 2021-2022 PSEH Hospital Intern What is equine lameness and what causes it? Lameness is an abnormal stance or gait which may be subtle or obvious. Pain is by far the most common cause of… READ MORE
  • Biologic Therapies-PRP, IRAP, Pro-Stride, A2M

    Biological Therapies- PRP, IRAP, Pro-Stride, A2M written by: Dr. Sharnai Thompson 2021-2022 PSEH Ambulatory Intern   What are blood-derived regenerative/adjunctive/biologic therapies? These terms are often used interchangeably (whether appropriate or not) to generally describe using a component of the body… READ MORE
  • Equine Fungal Ulcers

    Equine Fungal Ulcers written by: Dr. Kaylyn Andrews 2020-2021 PSEH Hospital Intern What are fungi, and how do they affect me? Fungi are normal microorganisms that live in a horse’s everyday environment, including in hay, grasses, shavings, straw, and dust.… READ MORE